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January 24, 2012, 02:54 PM


Ben was visiting Gary who loved boats, he had several through the years...and if there was anything Gary loved more than large breasts on women...he loved his speed on the water...

So, Ben's on the boat, and Gary says,

This is really a fast boat.

Ben replied. I know.

Gary said, BullSh*t. You don't know.

Ben, Yes, it is a fast boat.

At which time Gary pulled back on the throttle, knocking Ben on his AZZ, as they skipped and skimmed across the water...and after a couple of minutes, Gary lets up on the throttle...

and looks at a Ben with wide eyes, hair standing straight up, and says...

NOW you know.

See. We all assume stuff. In fact, most of our life is spent making assumptions about things.

Like how hard something is. But is it?

You may know, like Ben knew, the boat was fast...but until you experience it...do you really know?

There is an assumption made, about beautiful women...and so guys pass on the opportunity to meet one...but unless you KNOW, for a fact, this beautiful woman has NO interest in you...you don't really know.

Just for the record, I don't hold a woman's beauty against her...we are prejudiced against beauty...in untold ways...but, likewise, some of my favorite people are and were the plain Jane's who were far more interesting...

so, someone tells you a foreign language is hard to learn...do they know from their experience...and maybe, they don't have the gift of auditory recpetion...

A person tells you writing a book is hard and is hard to get published? Do they know, or do they KNOW?

A parent tells a child she can't earn a living as a singer...and next thing you know she's a star on American Idol.

In selling, no matter what it is...from face to face with a product or service...to REMOTE selling...

the knowing is in the bottom line.

One of my attractions for Remote Direct Marketing and why I appreciate my time spent at SCI under Ben's and Rod's tutelage...was there was KNOWING...

from RESuLts

The promotion either worked or it didn't.

There was KNOWING. Not guessing.

There is a guy, Tom Betts, some of you have met Tom...who is one of the best analysts in the business...

Very numbers guy...his job is to analyze...and see the results. I had a great time learning from Tom and the whole crew at SCI.

It wasn't the only place I worked, but, as a person who was recruited by Ben Suarez and Rod Napier, I was given unprecedented access to the shop...top to bottom...every division and it was a world class education where I actually got paid for...sweet.

My point here is...you need to KNOW the boat is fast by being on it when it is going full speed.

Otherwise, you know nothing, just a concept. An idea.

It is within the EXPERIENCE...WHEN you use your skills, knowledge and techniques and know they work...

you KNOW they work...

then you will be encouraged to continue your studies, to learn more, to apply more and to continue to improve...

But, be it copywriting, Internet Marketing, writing, selling...there is a lot of lower case knowing...and not as much falling on your azz at high speed KNOWING...

LIKE selling chattel. Sure, you know it can be done.

But, until you turn 2,000.00 into 5 k, you only know the little bit that you know.

I've heard selling scripts, screenplays and some stories is hard to do...but I don't KNOW it...not yet. I've sold a lot of writing over the years, and I consider myself to be a hack...who needs a lot of help from proof readers and editors...to get anything readable out to the general public...

I encourage you all to EXPERIENCE the thing...even if you have to fall flat on your butt to do so...and then, once you KNOW the boat is fast...you can decide wheter or not you'd rather sit on the dock and watch...or take hold of the throttle and open er up.

OK. That's about all I have to say on KNOWIING.

Wrapping this up.

Your turn.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. My favorite quote from Burt Morgan, who could buy and sell all of us, many times over...is:

It is better to get shot out of the water,
than to rot at the dock.

Loved Burt...a down to earth mega millionaire...who was one of the last of the great industrialists.

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