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January 24, 2012, 12:44 PM
is in a word, ATTENTION.

Now, pay attention, you might learn something here...

I'm coming off a project where I groused, grumbled and even cursed (yes, I'm capable) all day long...but, I'm glad I did it because I learned...

a LOT.

I offered an OPPORTUNITY over at the Warrior Forum, in the sub-forum for copywriters...a chance to test their copy chops and maybe even get paid for doing it.

30 people submitted copy. TWO are in the testing rotation (which you can see at www.renewnightvision.com (http://www.renewnightvision.com) just put a number after index, 1 to 4 to see the copy.

Most of the copy was ATROCIOUS. And many of these people had been trained by some copy guru (who has been doing it a few years online and sells mostly Internet Marketing stuff)...

One in 10 is not very good. Why was it terrible?

The cardinal sin most committed was...their copy neither got my attention nor did it HOLD my attention.

Here is what I learned:

1) There is a generation of ONLINE wannabees who are totally CLUELESS about what salesmanship is...most would probably crap their pants if they ever had to leave the computer and go into the real world and talk to real people to sell a real product. It is no wonder the whole Internet Marketing thing is so lucrative to those who would shear the sheeple.

2) They are lazy. As copywriters. As researchers. As salespeople. Very little thinking was done. The majority followed their copy guru's formula and just filled in the blanks...mostly with some hype from their swipe files.

I saw very little understanding of persuasion and influence, very little.

3) They think copywriting is about a. Writing. b. THEIR words. c. ThEM

It was AMAZING, GLAD I did it, but will never do such a thing again.

Copywriting is about making sales. Period. SALES. PERIOD.

The biggest mistake made by these future Gary Halberts is...

they failed to get my attention and worse...they failed to keep my attention.

Now Richard Dennis was trained by Gary. And Gary was brutal...if your copy sucked, he told you...and you kept at it until it was at least good enough for it to be tested.

Gary Halbert sat at our kitchen table and sold my folks a set of encyclopaedias, which we could hardly afford.

He was a friend of a friend and the next time I ran into him was in a bar in Barberton, OH. He had a huge personality...one of those guys who could keep the whole bar in stiches, never having to buy a drink...anyhow...

Ben Suarez became a student...and the first thing Gary made Ben do was to take a job as a door to door salesman, much to Ben's chagrin.

But Ben did it. And he says it was a great experience which helped him to understand human behavior.
Dan Kennedy's only job (I may be wrong about ONLY) was selling.
Jay Abraham sold diamonds to investors, after selling himself to the diamond industry.

I bugged Dien Rice for years to go out and sell something, and when he finally did, I believe he became a much better Entrepreneur...I'll let him speak for himself on this.

To make a sale....face-to-face, you MUST hold the attention of your prospect...and in copywriting...it doesn't matter how long or short your copy is...it can be 64 pages, like Harvey Brody's copy for his course was some 30 years ago...

as long as it holds your attention.

Jay Abraham ran an ad in Entrepreneur Magazine which was, I can't remember exactly, someone will know...about 8 to 12 page long for his apprentice program ... which had a huge price tag on it for the time...

Copy can't be too long as long as it HOLDS attention. It could lose you if it is only a few paragraphs of BORING stuff.

To make a sale, face-to-face or with salesmanship in print...you MUST hold attention from beginning through TRANSACTION...THE exchange of value (money)


Now the first and biggest mistake most salespeople make is...

to be found in the next post...along with the right attitude which works...


PS. I'd be derelict if I did not mention that Richard Dennis learned his lessons...he went on to write one of the best pieces of copy ever...and the results prove it...his DEAD DOCTORS DON'T LIE...is a classic. We are lucky to have Richard as a contributing member of the Sow Pub forum.

PPS. I bought a machine for 325 bux, which produces colloidal silver, and I am of the opinion it has been a life saver. Worth twice the price.

If you are interested, contact me via email. I'm a believer that doctors don't have the answers most of us really need.

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