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April 6, 2012, 03:22 PM
...she got into a TAX problem, cause she was Toopid...but..,

she did good money...

How did she advertise? Local paper, bought a classified for a year. Used her cc, so she had monthly payments. Also, she had TWO signs made, like real estate signs...paid two people, one on each side of the street, both right before the cemetery entrance...

Graves Cleaned And
Flowers Placed
By Rose

A website to post pics would be a good way to show fulfillment.

I'm sure some of you will find ways to complicate this very simple money maker, just from what I'm reading. She did ONE cemetery mostly, after a few months, she got calls from people who had loved ones in other cemeteries too. She did it for a few YEARS.


It's amazing the amount of opportunities available in just one niche, which expands with more research.

Dien, I wasn't even aware of the cemetery plot selling angle. After all, it is real estate. interesting.

Like Don was mentioning about his friend back in the 80's, I am currently staring down the barrell of a layoff. Been with local gov't for almost 22 years, but I can see the end coming soon. I don't look at it like the end to something, but being layed off would actually afford me time to do just about anything I choose, based on ideas from a site like sowpub.

My wife and I would work a business like Headstone cleaning together, and build it up over time. After all, what's not to like about it AND all the other angles that could be developed with it. I don't see anything wrong with working outdoors at your own pace and in control of how much you can make. Not only that, but you wouldn't need to put up with water cooler gossip and back stabbing office politics and waiting for your time off request form to be "Approved" for a day or week off. There would be none of that in the cemetery! Nobody giving you any grief!

Thanks again everyone! I'll post again with my results.

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