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April 6, 2012, 11:48 AM
As far as plastering flyers, how else can you market yourself? Only research on what is being done TODAY will guide you in the right direction. And WHO is doing the headstone cleaning today? I would say, go talk to the church to find out. My experience with death and funerals are very limited but when a person is to be buried, do the family get some kind of "kit" from the church?

What about the funeral parlor? Do they give out a (marketing) kit? I know, saying marketing is prob not appropriate but can't find the right word. Anything given out by either that is in PRINT, could you as a "Headstone Cleaner Extraordinaire" include a brochure or business card?

Do the church have its own newsletter that they mail out on a regular basis? Is there advertising in there? If not, would the church let you leave your card or brochure in the foyer/office/gathering hall/whatever? If the church has no marketing material to speak of, maybe create a one page flyer with other non-competing advertisers on it and a free ad for the church promoting one of their "classes"?

Now, cleaning headstones is the last thing in the world I would chose to do but I do consider it an honorable thing to do. Everybody, including the dead, deserves a clean environment, lol.

What about the flowers that relatives go there to honor the dead? The family grave might be in California but now all the relatives are spread out all over the states or even the world. Would relatives be interested in you providing a service, having flowers placed on their relatives grave? If they are, place the flowers, take a few pictures of it and the surroundings, if there was a way to incorporate a date the pictures where taken for proof, make a video slide show of the whole thing or just email them some nice photos, I'm sure you could incorporate other components as well.

Well, maybe too time-consuming and where do you get the flowers? Anyhow, just thinking out loud... Hope you get something out of it,


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