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June 19, 2012, 10:35 AM
I’ve been trying to help out friend who has been working on a killer app nearly 2 years in the making.... by giving away 10 free review copies over on the Warriors forum. However only 1 out of the 10 has taken the time to do a quick recording of their screen.

I appreciate that he took the time to do it but he installed it on a site that gets no traffic and made the video before watching the video tutorial or learning how to use it. So I’d thought I’d offer 2 or 3 more free review apps here in the hope that those taking them will take the time to record a 3 to 5 min screencast video review that can be posted in the WSO.

Need someone who has a website that at least gets some traffic to measure… I could tell you that this app is “like having a secret state of the art super stealth spy drone hovering invisibly just a few feet above your competition and your sites visitors” But I’m biased and my friend needs people who are willing to test it out and give their honest opinion in a quick screencast video review.

Here’s the sales flyer for the upcoming WSO….


And here’s the videos that one guy who took a review copy gave us… but like I said… we need someone to test this baby out on a site that at least gets a little traffic.

1) - http://youtu.be/BNk4y-FQ09Q

2) - http://youtu.be/jJUmUlaUswM

If you are willing to do an honest review let me know right away and I’ll give you a coupon code and send you to the site where you can download it. The site is encrypted with NSA (AES-256 SSL) security standards. In addition, all of the web data stored on the servers is undecipherable and ONLY YOU can have access to it and ONLY THROUGH the Desktop Client! That way, you can be comfortable knowing that all of your private data remains private!

Also feel free to blur out your URL and keywords if you do record your screen showing the app in action. If you can’t do a 5 min Jing recording then a print review would also be greatly appreciated.

My friend "Radu" can use all the help he can get.


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