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June 19, 2012, 04:22 PM
For around 50 bux, you're in business (be sure to check for local licensing) and with that amount of supplies you can do 50 cars @ an average of 20 bux each, I'll leave the math to you, ok?

Check out his new manual, www.renewnightvision.com


PS. You may consider the other car related services too, to make this a hot profit summer.

Using my local prices, I figure you can supply yourself with everything you need for $36. That gives you enough magic elixir for a couple hundred cars, enough of another critical ingredient for 25 cars, and another ingredient for close to a hundred cars.

Dig into the back of your closet...or your wife's closet...and liberate a medium sized purse. Everything you need to make some bucks should fit in there easily, and be easy to carry around with you... and she'll never miss it.

I wonder what the reaction would be to a big old fat guy walking around the parking lot carrying a purse. Maybe some matching pumps would help?


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