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June 19, 2012, 02:33 PM
Tomorrow, in the EVE EST, we begin Summer here in the States.

Cookouts, swimming pools, vacations and PART TIME JOBS.

Schools are out, millions of "kids" both HS and College as well as Teachers looking for part time work...

Also, retirees, those people who have been laid off.

Stay at home moms and dads seeking extra income.

People who have been downsized, even Gov't employees who just a year ago held a cushy gov't job.

There are millions of people competing for those low paying, 7.50 an hour to 14.00 an hour jobs...and the competition is fierce.

Used to be a teacher looking for a part-time summer job would have NO problem finding a way to supplement their income. And things are only going to get tougher for them, as more and more Gov'ts go after their pensions.

Political OP here, how about folding

into SS????? OH, sacred cow.

Anyhow, it is Summer Time in USA. Olympic time in London. Lot's of fun stuff to do...IF you've got some money to work with.

A couple of weeks ago I stood on hot burning parking lot taking video of The Boz cleaning headlights. It was only 95 degrees back then, yesterday it got to 112...oh, but the point is...

I watched him make 175 dollars in CASH in less than an hour of his time.

I've frequently seen him do 60 dollars an hour, back when he was fiddle farting around with drills and secret sauces, sanding and buffing...it took him 20 minutes to do a job it now takes less than 5 minutes and 3 minutes for most cars.

I used to love the summer because my golf business would explode, but, even on my best days, I'd be hard pressed to make 175 clams in one day...and that meant a full day of teaching in the hot sun.

Boz made in ONE hour, what takes most part-time jobs a week, at 30 hours to make.

I can't wait to get back to San Diego or wherever I'm headed, because now I can just carry around his little Business in a Bag and find work anywhere.

I know some of you have been waiting for his new manual, which is available today at www.renewnightvision.com for the general public.

Boz tells me he has some special deals for those who signed up here for his new 3 minute thingy, and informs me he's sending you emails.

Boz also sez he's got a super duper offer to his original manual buyers, who have rec'd updates, but not the in depth and complete how to for his 3 minute process. He's apparently, sending you email too.

Now, I am not an affiliate, I have nothing to do with his business other than that of a witness and soon to be headlight cleaning
SOB myself...using only his 3 minute process. I'm NOT going to go for the higher priced service he offers, 20 bux for 5 minutes and 85 cents worth of liquids...suits me just fine.

I'm allocating about 90 minutes a day to WORK on my summer job.

Which should keep gas in the van (once I get one, still looking) and maybe have double cheesburger, OOPS, I mean a nice vegan salad sans dressing...if and when I get hungry on the road.

For those of you,
teacher, preacher, candle maker or "kid" looking for something more than a minimum wage job this summer, consider cleaning headlights.

For around 50 bux, you're in business (be sure to check for local licensing) and with that amount of supplies you can do 50 cars @ an average of 20 bux each, I'll leave the math to you, ok?

Check out his new manual, www.renewnightvision.com


PS. You may consider the other car related services too, to make this a hot profit summer.

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