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June 28, 2012, 04:08 PM
Here's one of my Favorite Magic Tricks:


20.00 bill from a volunteer

A pen or pencil (magic wand)


a - You Say, "Who Wants to See a Magic Trick? I can make almost anything
that fits in my hand disappear. A watch or a 20.00 bill!"

b - You Make big (Hand to ear) swishing motions with your Magic wand pen.

c - You Twirl or flick the 20.00 bill (To attract eyes)

d - Say "ABRACADABRA." Stick the pen btwn your collar and neck.

e - You say, (You open Your Hand) "Ooops. I goofed and made my Magic Wand Disappear.

f - Unlike Most Magic Tricks - YOU WANT to get caught hiding the pen in
your collar.

g - Cuz when you turn your body - so people can SEE the pen in your collar
Your body is btwn them and the 20.00 - which you stuff in your pocket.

h - When you look down you say in Surprise, "Oh Wow! Now the 20.00
bill is gone."

Sausage Magic in Pennsylvania:

We sent Sam next door to give away pulled pork sausage to Golfers
next to his new BBQ Restaurant.

Sam says he is 20 seconds from the 1st Tee!

60% of golfers He Samples come in and buy a 10.00 pork sandwich.

Thank You Debbie Fields and Steve Jobs for the idea to combine
Magic and Free Samples.


Sam says he attracts a crowd of golfers. Uses a sausage link as his Magic
Wand. A golfer volunteers his 20 bucks.

Because the Magic Trick Attracts a Crowd of Golfers - Sam Give away more
sausage samples - thus sells a lot more sandwiches.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - I just finished my 30 Chapter Audio Book on How Steve Jobs Learned
Salesmanship by Testing Magic Tricks on 100's of Coeds at Reed College.

FIVE F_R_E_E Chapters:


Quick Peek:

https://img.skitch.com/20120628-81eha4ij1w3ysua46u18w3jfgf.preview.jpg (https://skitch.com/glennosborn/ed3pa/welcome-to-enchantednlp.com)Click for large view (https://skitch.com/glennosborn/ed3pa/welcome-to-enchantednlp.com) - Uploaded with Skitch (http://skitch.com)

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