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Dien Rice
July 15, 2012, 03:00 PM

Reminds me of that Aristotle Onassis quote that if he had to start from scratch, he would buy a suit and go hang out at a place where rich people hang out.
Hi Ankesh,

Yes, I agree... who you know definitely does matter!

I thought a very good read was the book, "Never eat alone" by Keith Ferrazzi. However, he doesn't seem to "discriminate" in keeping up with his contacts... He keeps in touch with everyone! (It's helped him immensely with his success...)

I've found (over time) I think it does help to discriminate, simply because you have limited time (or maybe because I'm just not very good at it)! Some people are more important than others to stay in touch with, from a business perspective...

There are so many benefits from good contacts, including new opportunities, wise advice, potential investment (such as in the Richard Branson story), and so on...

Hmm... That reminds me, there are some people I probably should email or send a message to (as it's been a while)... :)

Best wishes,


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