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Dien Rice
July 18, 2012, 11:51 PM
Greetings, All. I feel like a Newbie asking this question! :-)

Anyway, what's the best way to market a site that is only devoted to selling one specific ebook? Here is a link to the kind of site I'm asking about (this is NOT my site): http://www.bestaffirmations.com/special/specialoffer.php
Hi Thomas,

There are many techniques. I think one of the most powerful ones - if you can work it right - is to use affiliates, as long as it is a product you can pay a commission on for each sale.

You'll find the "80/20" rule applies with affiliates - where 20% of the affiliates will make 80% of the sales. Maybe even something more like a "95/5" rule!

To do this most effectively, you have to market your product to potential affiliates too - for example, send the relevant potential affiliates an email outlining the opportunity they have in promoting your product. (Anyone running a relevant website or blog, or people who send out promotional emails related to the topic of your product, could be potential affiliates...)

A couple of affiliate tools are...

Success Nexus - http://successnexus.com
Clickbank - http://www.clickbank.com

Some website software also has built-in affiliate management, for example,

Athena Gold - http://www.athenagold.com

Best wishes,


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