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August 27, 2012, 11:34 AM
That is my hope, they will be well rec'd because of their homemade simplicity and hopefully, TOPICAL news.

When I worked at SCI, Ben Suarez was known for quick testing an idea with only 100 or 200 quick send outs.

NOW it depends on the list, but, and here again, I don't want to fall in love with something which isn't going to work...but, with a little time, I think a list can be generated pretty quickly using a little "affiliate" type action, you know, refer a person, get a little reward type thing.

MY biggest concern is IF it works, the time between my personal mailing and the mass mailings, will I be able to do the logistics. GrannyC is having emergency back surgery and will be out of the picture, which is why I may have to be GrannyG...hey, I have domestic skills too.

So, like all projects one wants to scale up, one (me) has to be prepared for all the curve balls coming at my head.

And to answer your question, YES, anyone who has rec'd the samples WILL get the hotsheets Automatically.

So, it should go out some time next week.

or by the 15th of Sept at the latest, I'm staggering the mailing in groups of 200 every few days.


PS. Deadline is fast approaching for ads, and there is still space for the FREE classifieds if anyone wants to run one.


I, too, enjoyed the samples.

For me the human touch and uniqueness of mom 'n pop and home made beats cold, high-gloss, Madison Avenue glitz every time.

It was an exciting day when my samples arrived. My wife was the first to go thru the mail that day. And I had some 'splaining to do when she came across a plain brown envelope, hand addressed to me from "Granny C HOTSHEET."

Question: do those who requested the sample package automatically receive the next mailing or do we need to subscribe?

Roger P

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