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August 24, 2012, 09:13 AM
OF course, it could be the list...I'm looking for some good lists.

As of today, there will probably be 5 hotsheets sent out next month.

Deadline for ads or hotsheets is Aug. 31.

The first mass mailing will contain, GrannyJ's Recipe Club, GJA Money Making,
The Ohio Lotto Model hotsheet and Inside Internet Marketing.

So far I have full page promotions for 3 products services, one more would be nice to fill out the pages.

From small tests, the Lottery Hotsheet has rec'd responses, this may tell me the list I'm using is more interested in Making Money, possibly Get Rich Quick crowd who don't want to actually do anything.

Also, it is a little bit more WORK werk?!! than I really want to do, but, looking for ways to outsource.

Tempted just to write a blog on RV travel and nudist camps...maybe I can stay for free at some of them if I give them a good review...

This is an update, also, I've gotten a little feedback from those of you that have rec'd the samples... it would be helpful if you let me have your thoughts and opinions on them, OK?

Well, that's all for now.


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