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January 7, 2014, 04:14 PM
Hi Phil,

Thanks for thinking of me!

About 7 years ago Gordon Jay helped me walk through the process of developing an info product about making and selling soap.

We were, and still are, living on a small farm and selling soap as one money making venture.

So Gordon started me off by helping me put together a hotsheet, and then we just developed a whole little collection of products.

The original soap making info product, which we called the SoapBizKit, still sells.

As you pointed out, we have some related Kindle books out too.

You know... there's a funny thing about all this.

My children have the vision of getting out there and doing something and working mostly from home.

One of my sons makes custom knives and is doing great with that venture.

A daughter has taken over the soap business.

But like you say, we're still around and still coming out with products and trying to market them.

It started from a great guy, Gordon Jay Alexander, spending time with me to help me.

That was possible because of this forum that Dien and Gordon put together.

And it started with one hotsheet.


Alan Bullington

SoapBizKit (http://www.soapbizkit.com)

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