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Dien Rice
January 6, 2014, 07:56 PM
This lady makes and sells soap... However, the unusual thing is, she gets her raw materials for free!

She makes soap from used cooking oil. She gets it free from "ma and pa" restaurants, because they "don't use it to death"...

She sells each bar of soap for prices from $3.75 to $4.75...

Interesting way to do this business!

She's a one-woman business, and can make 244 bars a day. Let's see... That's a minimum of... $915 bucks a day...!

(She sells them from her website. However, even if she sold them wholesale rather than retail... even half or a third of that, per day, ain't too shabby! Especially when your main raw ingredient is free!)

You can read more here...

Deep fried cleaning: woman makes soap from used cooking oil


- Dien

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