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Dien Rice
August 5, 2014, 07:01 AM
This is an interesting blog post I came across... "How I made $12,000 with an ebook in 24 hours"

When you read it, you'll see it's an ebook about a technical topic. But don't focus on that. Focus on his pricing strategy.

He decided to use a 3-tiered pricing strategy... Just the ebook itself for $29. Or, the book + extra, for $59. Or, the ebook + even more extra, for $99.

(He writes $129 in one place in the article, which seems to be a mistake, it seems the real figure is actually $99, which is the figure in his graph - I did the calculation of his sums to check...)

Now, this is the graph to look at...


What this shows is that almost 50% of people bought the cheapest option, while 19% bought the middle option, and 31% bought the most expensive option... but what did this mean for the profits?

In fact, the cheapest option only brought in about 25% of the profits! That is, if he didn't offer the other two options, he could have made up to 75% LESS money!

The key here is... Tiered pricing works, to bring in a bigger income. If you don't sell this way, you're leaving money - possibly a LOT of money - on the table... And who doesn't want to make more money??

Here's the actual blog post -


Best wishes,


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