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Don Alm
August 5, 2014, 06:20 PM
Here's something I use whenever I want to find the businesses in a certain Niche.

Totally Free.....http://www.pauljames.com/free-lead-finder/

No affiliates stuff...just a guy wanting to "give back".

The way I use it is when I create a "Keyword Video" and get it ranked on Page ONE of G (for it's keyword - "Plumber in City" as example) I set it up with a phone number I OWN (from CallFire) and.....I let all the biz owners know I have this video that's "Getting Calls" and I'm looking for just ONE biz that would like to get the calls.

Since it's already getting calls....there's NO doubt or concern this won't work for them.

ANyways....have a look and again....it's free.

Don Alm

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