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Don Alm
January 14, 2015, 07:25 PM
Jovany......NO add'l info needed. Just call around to some of the stores in your area. I think some Wal-Marts handle BIG D Odor Removal.

There're only about 3 bux per can. Go to an Independent Used Car Lot.... find the owner (they're always around).....tell the owner you'd like to show him how to sell his cars for MORE MONEY....FASTER!

Offer to give him a FREE DEMO. Go to the vehicle.....open the top and put the can on floor of the back seat....let vehicle fill with Fog. (Makes a good display) Open door and tell him to smell interior.

We started out charging $35 per vehicle. My guys are now getting $49 per.

Don Alm

PS.....also consider doing "HeadLight Renewal" for $35 per pair.

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