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December 4, 2014, 01:50 PM
A beer company in Canada really has a great idea IMO to stand out from the competition at a local Octoberfest beer festival. Brilliant.

See photo attachments below.

This Clever Beer Advertisement Makes Use Public Trees and Poles.

This creative beer advertisement for WURST Oktoberfest in Calgary makes use of paper, trees, poles or anything else cylindrical in form that can be used to form a giant beer stein.

Once wrapped around a tree or a post, it looks as though there is a giant beer can hanging out in public. To make the steins look as convincing as possible, a handle has also been included, and because it sticks out, this is practically asking people to pose and take a picture with the giant beer signs. Around the bottom of the beer ads is a small note date that notes when Oktoberfest is happening in Calgary, which has got to be way more effective than putting up a boring paper flyer with the same details.

I'll drink to that! \_/


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