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Don Alm
December 13, 2014, 12:01 PM
Yup......everythings paid for.....got the kids educated.....money in the bank and investments HOWEVER.....2 of our 5 kids are having "income" problems PLUS.....5 grandkids could use some bux to get thru college SO.....my main goal is to build monthly residuals that require very little or NO attention.

It's called Ranking Videos for Keywords (EmergencyPlumberRoseburg, EmergencyRoofingGrantsPass, etc)

PLUS.....Gene Pimental has a great course called "Rapid Pro Sites" where he has 24 Niche Pre-Made websites (with videos) that offer a Free Booklet.

So.....my goal is to get 100 clients paying $97 to $497 a month. I can then transfer my PayPal account to some of the kids.

Hope all is well with you up there in "Nova Scotia" land where it's usually "Colder than a Well-Diggers Butt"

You should consider coming down to "mild-winter land" SW Ore-GUN.... where Conservatives are still in the majority.

Take care,

Don Alm.......heading to my basement to oil my 30-aught six

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