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Don Alm
December 19, 2014, 05:13 PM
Well.....after spending time on;
1) Creating the Name and the Card
2) Testing to see results with Actual Diners & Shoppers
3) Modifying for improvements

WHY just "give it away" when there are a FEW MILLYUN restaurants & retail shops that could use a promotion like this to get customers BACK thru their doors!

NOTE: I just noticed that someone has grabbed the domains of 2 of my other Promos ("Browser Bucks" and "Bumper Bucks") were Grabbed and Domains Registered by someone who saw my posts on one of the Forums I frequented, where I volunteered my info on how I made money with these and I didn't bother to protect them with domains.

One of my first promotions, back when I moved to a small town in Colorado, was a promo called "BUMPER BUCKS" where I got a Radio Station to accept this Radio Promo Program for 13 weeks and I then proceeded to get $975 (13 x $75/wk = $975) from 20 local businesses (20 x $975 = $19,500) and my cost was $500 for printing (The Radio Station did all the promoting)

I got a few thousand local consumers to PUT A BUMPER STICKER ON THEIR VEHICLES with the Call Letters of the Radio Station.

And "BROWSER BUCKS" was taken by someone else. This is a promo that MOTIVATED "BROWSERS" TO BUY! when they entered a retail store.

So......the people who grabbed these domains are just "Domainers" trying to sell the domains for a few bucks profit.

So......I'll betcha that if I put together a Promo for these;
Bumper Bucks - Radio Promo
Browser Bucks - Retail Store Promo to motivate Browsers to Buy
BeeBack Cards - Promo to get Diners and Retail Shoppers BACK

......I'll betcha I could get a LOT of retail shops and restaurants to buy the Promos.

Well......ya never know unless'n ya tries

Something to give my grandkids

Don Alm

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