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Don Alm
January 3, 2015, 03:20 PM
I have a fellow "Direct Sales" buddy who loves traveling. And.....he makes a nice income from restaurants by.....walking in cold....whipping out his cell and showing the owner/s what their restaurant's website looks like on a phone. Gets verbal permission to make a "mock-up" (using a program by Dave Cisneros)....shows the owner/s and gets paid.

When he's gotten 10.....he gets 10 Hotels or Motels to agree to put his Plastic Display on the front desk. This Display has a QRCode that when scanned brings up a Directory of the local restaurants he's sold.

He gets $50/mo for each hotel/motel.....$500/mo from each restaurant.

Something like this can never be taken over by a machine.....imo.

Don Alm.......long-time direct sales guy

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