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Dien Rice
January 7, 2015, 12:01 AM
I have a fellow "Direct Sales" buddy who loves traveling. And.....he makes a nice income from restaurants by.....walking in cold....whipping out his cell and showing the owner/s what their restaurant's website looks like on a phone. Gets verbal permission to make a "mock-up" (using a program by Dave Cisneros)....shows the owner/s and gets paid.

When he's gotten 10.....he gets 10 Hotels or Motels to agree to put his Plastic Display on the front desk. This Display has a QRCode that when scanned brings up a Directory of the local restaurants he's sold.

He gets $50/mo for each hotel/motel.....$500/mo from each restaurant.

Something like this can never be taken over by a machine.....imo.
Hi Don,

I agree... something like that, I don't think, can ever be taken over by "robots"...

Even direct sales needs copywriting, and the best copywriters tend to be those with direct selling experience. I can't see any robot replacing any talented direct-response copywriters any time soon...

It's true, many professions will disappear, or shrink remarkably. But, with the right skills, you can make sure that won't happen to you (or your loved ones)...

Of course, this has been going on a long time... technology making jobs redundant, that is. Perhaps ever since wheeled carts started replacing sedan-chair porters!


(This job no longer seems to exist...)

Best wishes!


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