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Don Alm
February 25, 2015, 02:53 PM
OK.....America can't get enough "Mobile" stuff. Apple is now making MORE money than Exxon or any OIL co or any other Big Corp.

So.....when I first found DudaMobile (where just by entering the URL of a website up comes a MockUp of the website)....I'd do 10 MockUps and go see website owners to sell them a Mobilized version of their sites.

I soon found that....just like designing a website from scratch....website owners were PERSNICKETY about Colors, Design, Position and EVERYTHING else about the Mobile Version.....so.....even though visiting a website owner and showing what their site looks like now and what it could look like....is a pretty easy way to pick up some quick cash.....I got tired of all the persnicketyness and I've decided to set up Mobile Directories.

Mobile Directory for;
1) Restaurants (where I set up QR Code Displays in Hotels)
2) New Home Buyers (where I send Home Buyers a large post card with a QR Code that leads to my "Newcomer Mobile Site")
3) A General Mobile Town Directory (Where I list ALL types of businesses)

And.....not only are these places that Biznesses WANT to BE Part of.... because they are designed by ME....with MY Colors and Designs and I don't have to get into any details. I simply offer each participant ONE Page (Restaurants get Menu Pages) that includes 1 Photo, a brief description, a Map to their biz and a "Tap To Call" button.

There is NO Persnicketediness! Because I usually PRE-Design the Listing Pages....all prospects need to do is "Reject" or "Accept".

This makes the Directories FUN PLUS....I get a nice hefty Monthly Rental from participants.

Give it a try

Don Alm

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