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Don Alm
June 1, 2015, 05:43 PM
Here's a video you MUST SEE.....if.....YOU are interested in selling QR Codes to ANYONE.

Offering a "Video Tour" of a RE Listing.....PLUS.....a QRCode that directs House-Hunters TO that Video......either from the QR Code on the Sign in front of the property......the FLYER.....or any Newspaper Ads....or.....even a QR Code ON an Agents BUSINESS CARD.....linking to the Agents Website.....is POWERFULL!

Check out this video:


A few yrs ago.....the above did not draw much interest but NOW.....when almost EVERYONE IS CARRYING A MOBILE DEVICE WITH THEM..... ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WITH MONEY, LOOKING FOR A HOUSE TO BUY!!!!!!!!!

Git ON da Bandwagon Brother! You is missin' da boat!

Don Alm.....ALWAYS on Board

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