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Dien Rice
June 5, 2015, 11:49 PM
I came across this interesting article...

It's about the millionaires... who tend to be generally frugal.

Sure, they may splurge. They often own multiple properties, some for investment, but some also for them to live in.

However, they don't throw away money...

But are they happy?

According to the article... They are!

You know what? It's easy to get rid of money. Just go down to any casino... They'll happily help lighten your wallet for you, and empty your bank account, if you let 'em!

There's a lot of spending you can do which you'll have nothing to show for it down the line!

Anyway, here's the article...

The millionaires who count every penny

Of course, it's not as "flashy" as flying your personal helicopter to work every day...

Now, why have I mentioned this article?

I have to say, I get pleasure from getting a good deal!

I've spent $100 for a meal at a restaurant (not often)... Frankly, I don't think I enjoyed it 10 times as much as when I spent $10 for a nice meal, as you think you "logically" should...!

In fact, I'd say I've often gotten more pleasure from the $10 meal than the $100 one... If it's a good deal, too, it just increases the pleasure for me... :)

So sue me... :)

Best wishes,


P.S. Why the reference to "The Millionaire Next Door" in the title? That book points out that many millionaires are "ordinary people" who live in ordinary suburbs, living ordinary lives... Who happen to have a lot of money - often invested somewhere, whether in their own business, or in other investments like property, stocks, etc... A large percentage of them are small business owners.

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