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Dien Rice
June 11, 2015, 09:43 PM

I've recently been spending quite a bit of time on Flippa http://www.flippa.com , looking at websites to potentially buy...

There are a lot of opportunities there - with websites in the whole range, from a few bucks, to hundreds of thousands of dollars...

However, there's the opportunity to get "ripped off" too...

Any suggestions on how not to get "ripped off" when buying a website?

I'll give a quick example I noticed. One website I was looking at claimed it was making $1,400 per month in profit, but... It had virtually no traffic! How can you make money from a website with virtually no one going to the website? It does not "compute"...

Another one claimed most of its traffic was from the USA. However, when I looked it up on www.Alexa.com , Alexa said most of its traffic was actually from India...

If you have any suggestions on what you need to do for your "due diligence" when buying websites on places like Flippa, I'd love to know. (Or pointers to places where I can find out more about this...)



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