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June 21, 2015, 01:07 AM
All of us with websites and enjoys WHOIS privacy, listen up. We may lose our right to shield ourselves from prying eyes if we don't act NOW.

Domain name registrar Namecheap says it better than I can, so I will just paste this from their letter to me:

Hello Spyglass,

Did you know that your privacy rights are currently under threat? ICANN is considering introducing a rule that would impact all netizens. If you care about your online privacy, this is a big deal.

Under new guidelines proposed by MarkMonitor and other organizations who represent the same industries that backed SOPA, domain holders with sites associated to "commercial activity" will no longer be able to protect their private information with WHOIS protection services. "Commercial activity" casts a wide net, which means a vast number of domain holders will be affected. Your privacy provider could be forced to publish your contact data in WHOIS or give it out to anyone who complains about your website, without due process. Why should a small business owner have to publicize her home address just to have a website?

We think your privacy should be protected, regardless of whether your website is personal or commercial, and your confidential info should not be revealed without due process. If you agree, please contact ICANN right away and demand your right to privacy and due process. Let them know you object to any release of info without a court order. There's no time to waste -- the close date for comments is July 7, 2015.

Click this link to protest to ICANN: https://www.respectourprivacy.com/

Dien and Gordon, I hope posting this here meets with your approval. My apologies if I should have gotten your permission first.

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