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June 25, 2015, 02:16 PM
First, I don't YET have a picture, my friend is sort of secretive about this, but I can give you the gist of what he does...

he turns free pallets into 'A' frame street signs.

This is a similar product, a wood frame chalk board


Instead of a chalk board he uses melamine, puts a string of lights which run off of a rechargeable battery and offers an upsell to a NEON kit with black light,

He sells at least one a day for 150 and sez there is 125 profit in it, his teenage son helps on Saturday where they make at least 6 for the coming week. The battery and charger is the expensive part, about 18 bucks.

It sounds like a good project for dads and sons/daughters.

We've discussed wood pallets before, and street signs, you have to be in an area where they are allowed, this guy has NO cords on the street always a concern, and always a battery charged and ready.

Don't know many details, he says he just carries it in, and usually can sell it in about 15 mins after a few stores.

Maybe some of you handy guys might get into this for some easy daily dough, not ME, me and a hammer spell broken fingers (been there done that) but if you like to work in the garage, this might be fun.

He also makes small tables, bedside like, from the leftover wood.

Maybe you can think of other good uses for pallets, they are easy to come by.


PS Will post pics if he overcomes his paranoia of being ripped off. He works in FL, don't see how a guy in Ohio could bother him, but I respect his privacy.


PS I don't think he figures in labor costs.

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