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June 29, 2015, 09:55 AM
NEWS. Dien and I decided the BETA test of a private writing/publishing forum showed us it is not an idea we are going to pursue. We will keep the forum up for those who were beta testers, a very small group whom we want to support with their own publishing efforts, we won't be accepting any new members.

I've encouraged Dien to instead tap into the knowledge and combined wisdom of our forum members, as he did with Michael Ross in our early days. Michael's report on LEVERAGE is one of the best small reports out there.

We love small reports. SowPub has done ok selling small reports, and we both have created our own products. Every once in awhile Dien offers his two books for sale or as a bonus and in my opinion Dien's book (originally to be published by Green Tree Press) 57 $ecret Money Making Ideas is a really good book with great formatting.

In fact, I feel you all should ask Dien for a copy (Make him an offer) just to see what a well indexed book should be like.

Over the last 15 years we've run many tests, sent up many trial balloons and have grown in our efforts.

What Dien and I share a love for is the written word, and is the reason we agreed to do a PUBLISHING forum. But we didn't want to limit the forum to just writing and publishing but to all things BUSINESS (and other topics with the exception of religion and politics).

Our 'LOGO' shows a farmer planting seeds and behind him is a trail of things growing, and now after 15 years, there is plenty of wisdom to harvest from the forum.

For the most part, SowPub has been a sideline activity, both of us having full plates in our respective businesses and lives. We didn't set it up like the Warrior Forum, it was more of a place where we were free of moderation...and over the years I have always told our subscribers if they didn't like our moderation to start their own forums. A few did.

It is the reason for SowPub, I was told the same thing back then and so we agreed to set up our own place.

OK, history is not NEWS.

We are probably going to spend more time on making SowPub more and more of a learning center with an emphasis on writing and publishing.

Sort of a weird combo of Udemy/Writer's Digest/Publishing Imprint/Product Development with old world tested and proven marketing presented on the modern Internet campus...

an Academy of sorts.

Instruction, guidance, encouragement, counsel and shared life lessons.

Not much different than what we've been doing casually over the years, the difference is we'd like to encourage YOU to share the one TOLL POSITION you already have, and that is YOU.

Your knowledge, wisdom, success and FAILURE are unique lessons you can share with others through small reports, classes, books and through the "hallowed grounds" of SowPub Academia (ha).

So we continue on, and will keep testing ideas, but one thing we're doing is trying to catalog the archives into a library, and to have a PERMANENT student bookstore where we can share our knowledge and attain the necessary course materials written by our esteemed faculty (YOU) for the benefit of all who walk these ivy covered halls.

Well, ok, some of that green may be mold...fair enough. But we may be testing for mushroom and other fungi profit potentials too...HA!

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Do you have any ideas? We'll help you write and publish your Information Product and if you want, offer a place to sell it too.

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