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July 10, 2015, 02:05 PM
Notice the spam? Porter Stansberry, Bill Bonner, Martin Weiss and a host of other "Gold" brokers are salivating themselves all down their "Chicken Little" bibs.

The stock market is nervous, Greece is in the toilet, China can't wipe it's butt with the American dollars it "holds"...

S & P short sellers are lining up for the soon to happen crash.

Is it DeJa Vu election cycle rhetoric, making big bux by scaring their respective herds? Or are we finally in the end of days? And the survivors only want to help their all powerful god to restart a proper civilization?

ATMs will suddenly close, credit cards won't work, shelves will be bare, hey, anyone know somebody with a truck load of tee-pee saved from the last emergency??

So, what's a fellow to do? Bury his head in the sand and go to the movies?

Crank up the generators to make sure they work?

Whatever floats your boat. (We's got us a submarine standing by, take that cave dwellers...)

What a great time to have a business which makes money, isn't it?

Come to think of it, has there been a bad time?

Dien and I are involved in some interesting projects, separately and jointly, and if we survive the summer, will have some very useful information for those of you serious enough about your businesses.

In the meantime, keep a close eye on the skies, perhaps Fidel is bringing out the hidden missiles and is going out with a bang...but, I, being an old fart, know how to hide under my desk, as we did back in grade school.

Now, if only I could escape that crazy beeotch Rachel, who spams me constantly from her bikini clad beach resort where her and Dr.?? Oz have run off together to serve as Oprah's personal assistants.

Good times. The best of times.


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