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August 18, 2015, 11:15 AM
Donald Trump is sure "shaking up" the Republican primary!

Love him or hate him... You can't deny, he knows how to get attention. He's the most popular Republican candidate in all the polls taken recently...

And far from being a "fool" as the press and some of the public like to make out, I'd say, he knows exactly what he's doing...

You don't get to be a multi-billionaire by being an idiot...!

Anyway, Scott Adams - creator of the Dilbert comic strip - wrote a great article on the psychological and persuasion principles being used by Donald Trump...

I don't agree with the part about Trump being a "clown"... But the rest is worth reading! (And there are some good business lessons in there, too...!)

Clown Genius - by Scott Adams

Best wishes,



I read that story a day or two ago and was impressed how eloquently "Dilbert" stated his case. As for the clown reference, I think it is a positive.


Because clowns are loved by everyone and his sister. Once upon a time clowns were not considered to be love creating creatures. But, that has changed. Think about it. People love clowns and associate NO bad to them.

Even his disparaging remark is a persuasion principle thinkers in his category overlook.

Just my 2...

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