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March 20, 2016, 10:50 AM
Hmmm ... Flippa for brick and mortar biz?

Nice idea, Gordon. Sure sounds [much] more profitable - and less risky - than flipping houses or used cars.

Drapes and Window Treatments.

Flipping anything gets as sloppy as the person doing it allows it too.

In the Chattel Report, Sprint to Freedom...the blurb on licensed stuff....boats, cars, RV's trailers, motorcycles anything licensed comes with a built in slop and mess in my opinion.

Real Estate has it's own nightmares for some.

Unless it is for a sizable chunk of bread, the slop should be avoided.

Still, TODAY custom curtains and drapes and even Kanye sneakers, are selling on ebay for over a 1000 bux. Just read a story about sneakers are being targeted by thieves. I guess a pair of yeezys on a young man is like a Rolex to the gangsters of Boca. A part of their identity.

Mundane, everyday, Parade of Life chattel put into the right hands is going to be an ongoing and continuous process where a gap (PROFITS) exists between buyer and seller.

GordonJ (Mr. Mundane) A.

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