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March 17, 2016, 12:22 PM
Had a most interesting and engaging breakfast meeting today with an old acquaintance, from my Real Estate days.

Back then, I found out Real Estate was not my cup of tea, he, however took to it like a duck to water. So, fast forward to today.

The question and proposal over omelets was/IS...

What business can you start today and one year from today, sell for 10 times your investment?

Say you have 10,000 bux burning a hole in your Entrepreneurial pockets, where do you put that 10k so you get back 110K in a year?

Well, I always thought it would involve a HIGH RISK situation, where you could just as easily end up with nothing faster than you could get that kind of ROI. Even Bernie Madoff at 12 to 17% was a scam, so what could possibly give you a 10 times return in a year?

The answer, and the proof I got, is

start-up low cost businesses with
build out or

with a couple of players in the game, who could easily buy you out.

Before I share with you some specific examples, what is is your take on such a business effort?

Do you know of anyone who creates a business with the goal of selling it very quickly for a sizable profit and moves on to NEXT?

We've discussed serial Entrepreneurs here before, but, I don't recall any examples of someone who leverages a low cost start-up into a huge cash windfall and then rinses and repeats. Do you know of any?

Gordon Jay

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