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Dien Rice
April 27, 2016, 03:50 AM
But deaths aside, if you know an event is coming, especially a milestone, like the 20th anniversary of something...which was popular and can bring a bit of nostalgia to a group...

it costs next to nothing to come up with a commemorative, and have it ready...and with today's "made on demand" technology, a plate, coin, medallion, plaque, poster, key chain, hat, T-shirt...

can be made as demand comes in...

A niche probably too small for the Playas, which need time, a one man band can strike up the profits at will.

Hidden and secret market? NO, 10 mins on eBay and a half hour spent at the "Playas" sites...shows how big the market is.

It requires imagination and marketing expertise.
Thanks Gordon,

This is really "golden" information...!

It also occurred to me... This could be an area where you could commercially use 3D printing!

Design a commemorative figurine, or something like that... And have it 3D printed!

You've got the wheels turning... :)

Best wishes,


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