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May 30, 2016, 10:09 PM
Thanks Dien,

LOVE the "Smash Stuff" Business idea.

A clients younger sister was a member of a 4-H group.

Wanted to Remember her Beloved Bovine - Champion Steer
after he was s*old at auction.

So she created a Stuffed Replica
Exact Spitting image of him.

About 18 inches high.

Every 4-H kid or parent who SAW HERS wanted one
of their Favorite Animal.

(This is tough to believe if you have not raised a calf
to adult-hood. But If you pamper a Horse or a Calf
from Baby-hood - they THINK they are Human.)

A morgan horse owner
tells me Before He will s*ell one of his babies - he has to TRAIN the new
owners. And his Morgan Horses OFTEN try to climb in the front seat of his
car or truck.


One of my neighbors raised 3 steers she bottle fed.
Named. Petted and fed every day. Brushed and groomed.

She got really attached to the 4-legged critters.

Long Story Short.

THE SISTER started making the Stuffed Steers for F-r-e-e.

But couldn't keep up with demand.


Depending on the size you want.

She gets a 1000.00 each.


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