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Dien Rice
May 30, 2016, 12:04 PM
Sometimes you just wanna get out that aggression... If you keep it bottled up inside, who knows what could happen?

That's why one military veteran in North Carolina started this business... a place for smashing things!

As well as a customer going there by himself or herself, or with a friend to smash things - he or she can create his or her own "smashing" event, too, for a party or get-together...

The founder started the business in a garage, before it grew enough so that he could move it to a more permanent building.

He expected most customers to be guys... However, it turns out that, in the end, 70% of his customers are women!

He supplies customers with plates, glasses, china cups, glass bottles, jars - all of which they can smash against the wall!


Customers wear safety glasses to protect their eyes when smashing things.

The customers can start smashing things for as little as $10... The more they pay, the more items they can smash!

To make things more fun, customers can write on the glass and china before they smash it. Or they can put pictures on the wall as a target (perhaps of their least-favorite politician).

It's open for walk-ins from 4 pm to 10 pm on Fridays, but it is open at other days and times by appointment. You can see he's made good use of Facebook for his marketing (see link below). He even managed to get a bunch of fashion models to do a photoshoot there! (Scroll down to March 24 in his Facebook timeline...)

Such a business could also be established in other cities. While this one was established by a veteran, in fact, it could be started by anyone.

The beauty is, a person doesn't need a fancy building for this idea - in fact, a fancy building would be a drawback! This business could be situated in tough buildings that others may find it hard to do something with...!




Best wishes,


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