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June 28, 2016, 07:39 PM
But, they can't market to save their life!

The lack of marketing skills out there really boggles my mind!

So... If you learn marketing skills... The real kind

(based on emotional persuasion)...

You can pretty much do whatever you like.

Who wouldn't want that? It leads to a very interesting life... :)

Best wishes,


Dien, I agree.

BUT (as Pee Wee said to Dolly; "There is always a big but Dolly...)

Today, there are tons of students, few applicators. The students are making the applicators oodles of dough by buying their cult leader's secrets...they APPLY it to their own cult and like to preach to their choir. Smart!

Fewer still apply their knowledge of "emotional persuasion" to a 'cold' audience for any significant results.

And many forget to use it during the course of their daily mundane activities, which helps explain why they have mundane...and not extraordinary days.


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