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December 11, 2016, 01:14 PM
Weight loss. Huge market. Coming upon the season. Jan to Mar. BIG on weight loss.

So, here is one of the most entered into markets, and has some of the highest failure rates? Why?


The INTERSECTION has all these vendors yelling HEY, HEY YOU

I'm a senior, but I am not part of the senior market, and recently a lady who said her market was "seniors" got a piece of my mind. We may be of the same age, but that could be the only thing we have in common, so if you think you are in the "seniors" market...FAIL.

OK. 27 year old woman, 20 pounds over her weight, has a 10 year HS reunion next year.

Another 27 year old, mother of three, just had twins last year and can't take the weight off, 20 pounds.

Most weight loss marketers would treat them the same. Would you?

Listen, losing weight is NOT a secret: Burn more calories than you consume.

Diet and exercise. That's it. Yet, there are always 15 top current diet/weight loss strategies, but if you want to do well in this market, you must use what you know about the person (singular) then find a group of them, see?

Many Facebook and other groups of class reunions. Can target 10, 20 even 50 year reunions, but the 10 year is the one you want if you are selling a quick weight loss product.

The young mother needs a totally different PREOCCUPATIONAL INTERRUPTER than the reunion person. Different preoccupations.

The INTERSECTION would look different too, so rather than be in a crowd of vendors yelling Hey YOU, fat guy. Fatso, come here.

You will be the one yelling, Hey Gordon, you need a custom designed program just for you.

Is there more work involved? Well, it is an evergreen market, and there is a parade of 10 year class reunions, and there are always people who want to drop the love handles before they go home, you tell me?

Knowing how to differentiate the niches by their preoccupations gives you the best chance to succeed where so many others fail.

You could have a weight loss product, but if you niche them down and create a custom intersection for each one, you'll have several evergreen niches to market, mostly with a promotion you've written once.


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