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December 10, 2016, 01:02 PM
Your gift this year? The best year (2017) you've ever had IF

You stay healthy, the Creek don't rise and you APPLY the gift.

The gift: The Foundation of Persuasion. It is for:

1) Face to face persuaders.
2) Remote persuaders; TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet including web sites, social media, webinars, etc
3) Group Persuaders 2 to 2 Million or more. If persuading groups of people, either by Direct or Remote means, this gift is for you.

Master the Foundation of Persuasion and you'll see your bottom line improve dramatically.

THE two things you must grasp:

A- People are PREOCCUPIED with themselves
B- To persuade and influence them you must BREAK their Preoccupation and HOLD their attention.

Difference in breaking Pre-Occupation and getting attention?

True story metaphor: Last year in NYC I'm hurrying down the street with my daughter and some guy starts yelling, "Hey, HEY, hey!" I stopped and turned to look, she didn't. She looked back and asked what I was doing, and she said I'd get used to that. She didn't even hear the guy.

Sort of like SPAM, Facebook Clickbait ads, many web sites who are simply yelling LOOK AT ME. It becomes background noise we don't even notice.

BUT, if I were anywhere in the world and I heard someone yelling:

"Hey Gordon HEY Gordon Jay Alexander, hey GordieRooski", my PREOCCUPATION will be broken.

So part one is to break the preoccupation and then, HOLD ATTENTION.

Look, I'm old school selling with A I D C A S
Satisfaction (where the back ends and lifetime value are)

But now, only TWO things to concern myself with-BREAKING Pre_______ and HOLD_____ A________

So, what are people Preoccupied about?

THREE types: Immediate--Life--Gender Specific

The immediate mind thoughts are often superficial and focused on the task at hand, like eating lunch or doing a job.

LIFE preoccupations are more about what meaning you want for your life

And gender specific are often the cause of stress in relationships because some gender preoccupations are at odds between the sexes.

Best shortcut to Knowing Basic preoccupations is:


This is also a great tool for finding NICHES to market to.

Basically, the Maslow Pyramid also represents Income Elevation, people at the top usually make more money than at the base. At the top a person will spend 35k to go to a Tony Robbins event on his island, at the bottom, they might spend 10 bux for one of his used books. See?

Also, using the Foundation of Persuasion can make it just as easy to sell a high ticket item as easy as it is to sell a low priced item, just depends on HOW you target your given prospect's preoccupation.

Well worth your studies:


So, if you spend a week on LEARNING what people are preoccupied with, then you would KNOW...

NOT to write a landing page telling who you are and what you know BEFORE telling them Whats In It for YOU (the reader, visitor).

Tell me quick and tell me true, or my love, the hell with you.

Now Breaking Preoccupation also has a timing element to it. This is the WHEN you hear the guy yelling your name. If I just got on a ferry to leave Coronado for San Diego, even a semi nude sweetie screaming my name is NOT going to get me to jump in and try to swim back (cause I can't swim very well). And why is it, when it is ME, they always wait until I'm a couple hundred yards out???

So the where and when is very IMPORTANT. I call this the INTERSECTION as seen on the PictoGrigm of Persuasion:


Because you know your target's preoccupation, you can then create an Intersection which gives you the optimal chance of

A- BREAKING ----------------- and
B- Holding -----------------

You know what is on their mind
You know when and where they will intersect
You then build your ATTEMPT at Persuasion to HOLD their attention until your call to action.

End of Part ONE. Ask questions or comment if you want.

Part two will be in a few days.

Gordon (or just Hey You, if from a familiar feminine voice with sexy overtones) Alexander

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