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Dien Rice
January 28, 2017, 09:46 PM
When there's a lot of snow... People have fun building snowmen, making snow angels, or having snowball fights!

One guy in Canada did something different... He built a giant quinzhee in his back yard!

His quinzhee comes with an ice bar, lights, and enough room for a party!

(A quinzhee is like an igloo. However, where it's different is to make a quinzhee, you build a big snow mound, then hollow out a space in the middle. On the other hand, an igloo is built using snow blocks.)


The quinzhee is about 16 feet x 16 feet in size, and around 8 feet high in the middle (so people can even stand upright).

It also has two doors, one of the doors is on hinges with a frame. It also has a chimney.

Local businesses - in places with snow and freezing winter weather - could be inspired by this idea. They could build a huge quinzhee on their site. They could use it to stock sale items, or sell coffee, or something like that. They could send out a media release - they'd get attention, and attract customers!

(One thing to keep in mind - you'd have to make sure it stays safe.)

Winnipeg man builds giant quinzhee in his Southdale backyard

Best wishes,


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