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Dien Rice
May 27, 2017, 05:24 AM
Do you sometimes lack confidence?

I think everyone sometimes lacks confidence. For example, sometimes you want to contact prospects, or to contact possible business partners... But you lack the confidence to do so.

It's holding you back...

The following is a weird tip... But it's worked for me.

Don't laugh, okay? :)

One thing I do is... Eat some hot chili sauce.

Yes, it burns! But after that, I find I relax, and I'm more at ease talking with others...

Why does it work?

I believe it's because of endorphins. When you eat hot chili, your brain reacts to the pain by releasing endorphins... These are "feel good" chemicals in your brain.

This causes you to relax, and actually feel good! It also seems to bring about confidence...!

I used to carry a small bottle of chili sauce around with me, just in case I needed it!

There you go... That's something that works for me.

Feel free to try it out! :)

Best wishes,


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