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July 11, 2017, 08:35 PM
Most know I am goal oriented, planning fanatic and try to solve my problems in the directions of my goals.

I now use the Harvey Brody "view from the rooftop" almost exclusively in goal planning, AND seeing the goal in detail from the top, and before the first step up the ladder is taken. So before I place my foot on the first rung, I like to have a good reason for starting.

I'm old school, still think what Earl Nighteingale said on his classic record, The Strangest Secret: Motivation comes from the pursuit of a worthy goal, is great advice.

An aside, I used to think of him often in Hawaii, when the ferry to Ford Island went by the Arizona. Earl was one of only 15 marines who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor, and were stationed on the Arizona.

Dan Ariely says in his great book; PAYOFF, having a meaningful job at work is one of most important factors to keep up morale, without a worthy purpose, it is a fast shot to low morale.

OH, do you read something new every day? I do.

Do you know how to stoke the fires of desire, and get yourself worked up about something? I think many today, don't.

Napoleon Hill said in THINK AND GROW RICH, Desire was the starting point for riches. I normally ask, what do you want?

Today, I ask; what do you truly desire, what is a burning desire you have to pay attention to.

For me, it is sad if you don't have one.


PS. Maybe this might help someone. Today I'm focused on creating content to sell to "Hollywood", which represents a creative market, were creative ideas are routinely bought and sold.

I realized before I just ran into the market and started shouting like a 1920's newsie, I had to learn some lingo.

When you try something new, you have to learn the language the people are using, so it begins with study, and learning. Same is true for all fields.

If you don't know the difference between a bogey and an eagle, or a driver from a putter, you're probably not a golfer.

By learning the language of the arena, you can often articulate your DESIRES more accurately, and when you do that, magic begins to happen.

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