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September 17, 2017, 11:58 AM
I picked up some books the other day while at BAM. One I suggest a FEW of you get your hands on.
It is WHAT MOTIVATES ME by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. If you buy they book, you get a key for a free assessment at www.thecultureworks.com

It is a different slant on the use of personalities to create more effective teams and individuals.

The reason I suggest it for some of you is, you are fighting against yourself, and keep repeating the loop, continuing to go in circles and burning through precious time because you don't know who you are.

They offer an assessment to help give you an idea of your "Identity" (they have 5 types)...along with your motivations.

I did my assessment yesterday, and I think it got ME right on. Nothing I didn't know already, but some insight into how best maximize my efforts.

BOOK 2. SALES EQ by Jeb Blount. Being a sales junkie, I usually pick up everything new, but not much new here, although if you are just starting out, his tack on sales might suit you just fine. It does offer some insight into the psychology of selling, if you are an avid reader/student of sales, good addition for your library.

BOOK 3. Outdoor Life's: PREPARE FOR ANYTHING SURVIVAL MANUAL, by Tim Macwelch and the editors of OUTDOOR LIFE.

Lots of pics and 333 Survival Skills. NOT for preppers or survivalists, more for a new person to the subject, but it makes a nice coffee table type book, and gives food for thought. I like flipping through, mainly to get some laughs at some of their ideas, but it is good enough to be a starter or an introduction. May be a grab and go book for the uninitiated too.

Those are the first of several book reviews. Have you read any of these?


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