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September 24, 2017, 03:30 PM

Or just about anything. This just happens to be the name of a report I wrote years ago, and it details how to set up a net in your backyard, and get people to pay you for golf lessons. I used a video analysis, a FREE thing, to get initial customers in my golf business.

Many years ago I visited Mike McGroarty at his home, some might remember we even made a guerrilla video from his kitchen table...and Mike was making his dough selling 4 buck plants in his driveway he grew in his backyard.

Well, with golf, I did have people over, but mostly, I met them at the range.

Likewise with my Sat. morn. workshops, we meet at the library. Today, you want to keep your home safe and limit strangers.

But there are still some good safe work at home or teach from home opportunities too. You just need the know how.

OR, like some coaches are doing, you could set up programs at local schools for your golf and tennis instruction and serve as an after school baby sitting program too. Most schools have some sort of a stay at school program, setting up coaching programs is just taking advantage of a captive audience.

I'm dusting off some of those programs from the days right before the Internet and WWW, maybe the Parade of Life has come around and with some updates, may find a new and ready to buy audience.

Do you have some old work which hasn't seen the light of day in awhile? Might be time to get it off the shelf and into circulation.


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