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Default Pick one from each column.

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
I stumbled across this great video - and wanted to share!

Elmer Leterman was one of Gordon Alexander's inspirations (you can search for where he's mentioned in previous posts)...

This video is called the Elmer Leterman story. It's about the technique Elmer Leterman used to set a sales record in New York - in the middle of the Great Depression.

It would probably still work today... (During the pandemic, you could do it with Zoom or Skype...)

The video is just 3 minutes long...

The Elmer Leterman Story

Best wishes!


YES, I am a big Elmer Leterman fan, and Elmer Wheeler too. I had all their books, read a lot about them. The short video Dien has linked to, talks of his weekly meetings. He would put THREE people together every week, for over a decade. Never trying to sell anything, just bringing people together.

Now let me explain a concept, which could assist anyone trying to start a business...

Strategy. Tactics. Adjustment.

Or in business concepts, an IDEA with a PLAN.
The ACTION steps to take.

The ADJUSTMENTS as you implement.

We tend to fall in love with our first contact (which resonates) we make in any given field. In college, the first professor which sounds right to you, is often the one you will follow. Studies have shown this to be true.

In business, and I have a lot of anecdotal examples too, we tend to follow the first person who resonates with us.

In marketing, that could be a Dan Kennedy or a Jay Abraham or a Gary Vaynerchick or Tony Robbins. There are scores to choose from.

I teach people to pick ONE from each column.

One from the FOUNDATION. Pick a plan, or an idea. Doesn't matter which one.

Ones I like are.

Ben Suarez and the NPGS (Net Profit Generator System) formula.
Marlon Sanders and his AMAZING FORMULA.
MJ DeMarco The Millionaire Fastlane
Ray Dalio Principles of life and work
Or any number of STRATEGIC ideas on business.

We've discussed many here. Seth Godin, Jim Collins, Alan Weiss, and Gino Wickman and his EOS.

Guys like Wickman break down things, in his case, into 6 different areas:

Others may have different areas.

But if you PICK ONE strategy to follow, and
ONE tactical methodolgy

And ADJUST as you go, SOLVING PROBLEMS IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR GOALS then you get the results.

The PROBLEM I've witnessed these past couple of decades is, many go sailing (selling) off on the current wind that is blowing.

Set a course, a destination, a stopping harbor and PLAN to get there and adjust as you go along.

Elmer's plan worked because he committed to it, stayed with over a decade and set records as he went along.

He knew WHAT he wanted, WHY he wanted it, then continued on in the direction of his goals.


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