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Old February 23, 2018, 04:57 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Medical Bills From Baby's Hospital Stay Approached 1.4 MILLION

<p>Thanks Dien - Gordon,

<p><b>Medical Bills From Baby's Hospital Stay Approached 1.4 MILLION</b>


<p>You Ask, "What Do Baby Bills have to do With Carl's Flu?"

<p>Have PATIENCE and We'll TELL YOU.


<p>Naturally After Buying Carl a Bottle Of Super Spinach - so he
can SHAKE OFF The Flu Faster.

<p>DIRECTIONS are needed.

<p>So I sent Carl the following DIRECTIONS -

<p><b>DIRECTIONS for Eating AWFUL TASTING Super Spinach Green Dust</b>

<p>Thanks for Helping Me Carl,


<p>I just bought you a bottle of SUPER SPINACH.
(Which I have been eating for 25 years - Cuz I almost NEVER Get Sick.)

<p>My mentor - (Barb) Makes 7-Figures a Year
Giving Away the Sample Bottle I sent you.

<p>You can Expect it to arrive on Saturday or Monday.


<p>The Green Dust Contains - 50% Super Spinach
the Most Mineral r-ich natural Food on the planet.

<p>And 50% Digestive Enzymes.


<p>Mix a 1/4 Teaspoon with some AppleSauce
or in a smoothie.

<p>In My Opinion - the Green dust TASTES TERRIBLE.

<p>For a couple days.

<p>then Jump to 1/2 Teaspoon.

<p>Then jump to 1 Teaspoon a day - each morning.

<p>UNLESS You are Already "REGULAR"

<p>Regular means you go #2 - once or Twice a Day ALREADY. (IF SO - Eat 1 Teaspoon To Start)

<p>(Why go slow?)

<p>Cuz the Super Spinach is NOT a Drug and goes thru the walls of your intestines.

<p>(And Most Americans Have a Coat of CRUD on the walls of their intestines
and the Super Spinach can't get thru. That is what the Digestive Enzymes do)

<p>and into your Blood Cells - so they DANCE and DO Cartwheels.

<p>Strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM.

<li>Too Much too Fast.</li>


<p>Your IMMUNE SYSTEM TURNS Into SUPERMAN. And starts Pushing Toxins
out thru your skin - instead of out your Intestines.

<p>BARB - my mentor says her Best Friend Rushed to the doctor
when she ate too much Super Spinach too fast.

<p>Her SUPER STRONG Immune System was pushing asbestos
thru the skin of her arms - she got while working in an asbestos
factory as a young girl - one summer.


<p><b>ACTION SUMMARY - More PROOF Is Always A Good Idea - </b>

<p>I Remembered an Email I'd gotten from a Client. Rewrote it in
Outline form.

<p>Sent it to Barb.

<p>Who Emailed Back with, "WOW. WOW. WOW.
This is so powerful...."

<p>And Since Barb Wanted to Share the Super Spinach Case Study
during her Nutrition Speeches.

<p>WE Got PERMISSION from Gary to Share his Story.


<p>To PROVE that the SUPER SPINACH we Sent him REALLY could help him
stomp out his Flu Bug.

<p>Thanks for your Advice Barb,

<p><li>I've outlined the main points of </li>
<li>a rather Shocking Health Emergency</li>
<li>and how things look TODAY.</li>

<p>Thanks Glenn,

<p>#1 - My Daughter was born 3 months Premature.

<p>#2 - Spent 5 Months in NICU under Constant Care. (Gary says, "the Medical
bills from the long stay approached 1.4 MILLION.)

<p>#3 - She has CLD - Chronic Lung Disease - which means since she was born
premature - he lungs are under-developed. The lungs are one of the last organs to develop during pregnancy.

<p>#4 - I Bought Gary a Bottle of Super Spinach more than a YEAR ago.

<p>#5 - He Started ordering more for himself.

<p>#6 - Gary then started Feeding it to his wife.

<p>#7 - They are feeding their little Girl - Breast Pumped milk - Via Gastro-
intestinal tube - Machine feeding. Which is a very round-a-bout way to get THE Algae into their daughter.

<p>#8 - Recently Gary has convinced his wife to allow him to put tiny amounts of Algae in the Baby's milk.

<p>#9 - When Gary called me from his car Last week his Baby Daughter was in a Car Seat in the Back of the Car. HE WAS OUT Driving around - baby sitting - by himself.

<p>#10 - Gary casually mentioned that, "The doctors don't know how to explain his daughters Rapid Improvement."


<p>Thanks for your help and Advice,
<p>Thanks Barb,

<p>I asked for and Received PERMISSION To Share His Super Spinach Story - from Gary.
<p>Thanks Glenn,

<p>I got it okay, it was amazing & inspired me. Feel free to use the story.

<p>What I’m up to - the baby can now start eating tiny bits of solid apple sauce.
She passed her hospital ‘Swallow Study’ with flying colors. She’s beginning to
heal though there are still challenges. Gary


<p>#1 - We have a B*illion D*ollar Insurance mentor - Walter Hailey Actually
sold over 1 B*illion of insurance. He told me that sometimes when he
discovered a Prospect had a sick son or daughter - he would PAY to Fly them to a

<p>#2 - Obviously we are not FLYING Carl anywhere. But we DID B*uy him
the Super Spinach which will make him better faster.

<p>#3 - Barb is going to Report back on What Happens when she gives away
Lotto tickets to everyone at a Breakfast Meeting She is speaking at. AND
Says the Affirmation in the F-r-e-e book at

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