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Old November 5, 2018, 06:32 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default How We Made a 913.89 S*ale Using ***Carnegie Competition***

Thanks Gordon,


“How We Made a 913.89 S*ale Today Using The “Carnegie Competition Strategy”

STEP ONE - We Sent a F-r-e-e E-Book to Jeremy in TX.

STEP TWO - AFTER Reading it. Jeremy Wanted to B*UY the Rest of the 4 Part B*illion D*ollar Referral System (I Learned from 426 Mil Mentor Walter Hailey) Described in our 1-of-a-kind book.

STEP THREE - Jeremy Reminded me to Send Him a PayPal Invoice for 350.00 
And the Rest Next Month.

STEP FOUR - Invoice/Moolah Sent/Jeremy Started Listening to the 6 hr mp3 Program. Heard us Mention, “Munny LUVS Speed” - a Dr to Dr S*ales Script that Built 2 Different Direct S*ales Companies to 1 B*illion each.

STEP FIVE - Jeremy emails to ask, “How Much to B*uy the “Munny LUVS Speed” Mp3 Program?

STEP SIX - I Sent Jeremy the Following Note:

Subject Line: “Just Found Your MUNNY LUVS SPEED Email Request”-Glenn

Thanks Jeremy,

Just looked up "Munny LUVS Speed" is 9138.99

Since you Passed the GOLDEN RULE Lotto ticket test at .

You Pay Only 10% or 913.89



If you want to Divide the 900 in half and Pay in 2 Chunks of 450.00 - we can do that.

If you want to do THIRDS and You P*ay 300.00 bucks NOW
and Get the WHOLE Program to start making munny with - we can do that.

If you want to Pay 138.98 Bucks NOW - and pay the rest later - Get The Entire Step by Step 2 B*illion Dr to Dr NLP S*ales System TODAY - Which I use by phone and Email too.

(EDITORS NOTE - 138 is a feng Shui #)

the Whole
thing RIGHT NOW - we can do that.* You can Earn the Rest and P*AY it*


P.S. - You Will Find THE (Munny LUVS Speed) mp3 *FASCINATING.

Kathy INSISTED they put up their house and borrow Munny at the bank to B*uy a Garage full of water filters (B*illion biz #1)

She created 79 M*illionaires s*elling home water Filters!

Kathy went dr to dr.

Kathy’s Hobby was Bringing 10,000 New Congregation Members
to both Churches she belongs to. *20K total.


(I chatted with her several times while she stood IN THE BACK of the Room.* She did Not REALIZE I recognized what she was doing.* So she SHARED her dr to Dr Strategy Step by Step.* KNOWING it would go Right over my head as it did for 1000's of others.)

EXACTLY what she taught her Top Distributors to say who are making

15K a Mo
30K a mo
100K a mo

(I sat Btwn Israel who makes 50K a day (And P*AID My way to get my help) as a C*ASH only Dentist.* And Israel - who imports Diamonds) in a room with 3000!

I met her top Trainee (Blonde woman from Holland) Making 100 M*illion a year - and worked with her for a year too. *(I can Share what she does too.* But that was After I made this mp3 audio)

138.97 Bucks CLICKABLE Invoice Link -*

CLICK BELOW to Get Started NOW -*

(CLICKABLE LINK went here)

STEP SEVEN - Jeremy said he would Pay 300.00 in December - Then 300.00 in Jan and Feb.

STEP EIGHT - I Forwarded my Email to Jeremy AND His Request to P*ay 300.00 over 3 Months to ***Cary in Florida.***

STEP NINE - Cary Thanked me for Thinking of him. Said he was INTERESTED.

STEP TEN - I Sent Cary a Couple Paragraphs Showing How “Munny LUVS Speed” would Help him Solve 3 of His S*ales Problems.

I - Screening out Bad Prospects
II - Getting Prospects who say “Yes” to Refer - Right Away.
III - And the Fact That Those REFERRALS - Invisibly closed The S*ale.

STEP ELEVEN - Then sent Cary a Short TRIAL CLOSE Email -

Thanks Cary,

Double Checking you got my Answer to your Questions About "MUNNY LUVS SPEED” ok.

Not Really able to Get into More Details until
AFTER you go thru the mp3 AUDIO PROGRAM.

Which is THE REASON I recorded all this Stuff.

It would Take us HOURS on the phone to cover.

STEP TWELVE - Cary Emailed back that he -

Had - Got it.

Was - ready to go.

Thinks he is SOLD.

SO WE TOLD HIM Where to Send The First 300 Bucks for the 913.89
“Munny LUVS Speed” Mp3 Program.


#1 - I have not used Jeremy or Cary’s REAL NAMES. We do this 100% of the time.
#2 - I have not shared their Email Words. Becuz We Have Not Gotten PERMISSION to use Their emails Yet. But This was a Perfect Case Study - So We Outlined it so you could APPLY this idea yourself.
#3 - PLEASE Focus on the Way We Adapted THE CARNEGIE COMPETITION STRATEGY - when we Showed Cary that Jeremy had ALREADY agreed to Purchase.)


P.S. - You Will Find 6 More Hours of CARNEGIE COMPETITION STRATEGY Mp3 Audio Case Studies at:

“What B*illionaires Know That M*illionaires Don’t”
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