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Old October 30, 2020, 08:17 AM
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Default 7 Emotional Hot-Buttons, Fatal Four Emotional Appeals, 5 Ring Circus of SQ1

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Mike,

In the past, I've used the "7 emotional hot-buttons" which I learned from Denny Hatch's books and writings.

I even have them memorized... They are...

anger exclusivity fear flattery greed guilt salvation

These came from studies of direct mail controls - to try to find patterns of what kinds of appeals regularly worked...

Most of these are due to marketer Bob Hacker, while the late Axel Andersson (who was a Swede who ran a very successful direct response marketing business from Germany) added "flattery"...

For men's fashion bracelets... going through the list... I would say...

exclusivity - they want something their next-door-neighbor doesn't have, and even better, can't get!

flattery - they want to feel stylish, superior, look good

greed - if you can plausibly argue that the bracelets will go up in value over time, then you can also bring in "greed" as a motivational factor too...

Just some "off the cuff" thoughts...!

- Dien

P.S. Here's an article by Denny Hatch about these, which is also about Axel Andersson -

P.P.S. Here's another more recent article covering this by Denny Hatch...

I know we are both Denny Hatch fans, and he does give out great insights based on his many years in the biz.

And today, over at the Halbert Facebook group, a post about Open Loops, Zeigarnik, Ovsiankina and other mysteries of persuasion.

It is no wonder so many people trying to sell their stuff, get so confused about what to do. Is it possible to have TOO much information, to read too much, to KNOW too much? If it creates delay, procrastination or the need for perfection, then YES, Information OVERLOAD kicks in.

Take the 7 hot buttons. HOW does one use those in the promotion? What words have the most impact, on say, flattery? When does flattery cross the smarmy line and becomes a turn off?

I think there is a lot of danger in having so many ideas, so many ways to influence and persuade people, in trying to APPLY those principles...that it is or could be detrimental to productivity.

Here is a decent enough article on the subject of emotional appeals...

This article includes a long list of APPEALS. Inside of this article is a link to this one:

Holy moly brown cow, who know there were so many appeals going on?

Surely a marketer could find use of several of these, right?

Between the Appeals and the 21 points of perfect copy, the 17 checkpoints of the AIDCA formula, the 72 steps in a Ben Suarez product...

Hatch's 7 appeals, Garn's FATAL FOUR...and all that time spent trying to use, impelement and apply these things...

the TIME spent trying to find the right thing to say?

Well, that is one way to do things. Not for me, but if it is working for you all, if you are able to keep all those things you've learned and studied about copywriting, about advertising, about being persuasive...IF you are able to keep those in your conscious AWARENESS while creating a promotion...

you are much further down the road than I am.

I keep simple white boards, with stick figures on them, showing a visual of the process I am trying to achieve, and in the case of making a sale, I look for the minimum effort, but then I'm more interested in SPEED.

An example of this can be clearly be seen in our simple AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING sites, which I use a 22 year old simple html template, and the attitude of BUY IT or DON'T.

Sure, once upon a time, I was paid to write long newspaper ads, and multi page direct response promotions, but even then, I learned there were other ways, like the simple self mailer, one was an 11 by 23 double trifold, with each panel having a product. It outperformed every other copy attempt.

Now, I've already gotten longer winded than I intended, but what I'm asking is...

HOW do you use what you already know?

HOW do you take all those insights, the lists of appeals. the steps to persuasive copy,

the slippery slope from awareness to lifetime value...

HOW do you use what you learn? I've been on the roller coaster ride and as thrilling as it can be, I prefer a chance at the brass ring every few seconds as the Carousel goes round and round, as simple as it gets.

OK, this rant over.

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