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Old November 5, 2020, 12:40 PM
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Default Short essay on APV, the get ready to get ready...

We're targeting the 7th to have the AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING (APV) report updated and ready for release, but the election results may push it back a few days. We don't want to release it until the dust has settled, somewhat.

So, here is a general overview, and the reason why I think the APV is a great way to add revenue streams to any business.

First, because I've done it for over 20 years. Second, it is simple, easy and evergreen.

But let me dig down and shovel some insights into the engine of profits.

An APV site is a one page sales/order page with instant and automatic fulfillment. Like a vending machine, you put money in, press a button, a product comes out.

Let me tell you what I KNOW for a fact from the last 35 years of doing business online.

I KNOW for a fact, the next big boom in Internet Marketing will take place beginning in 2021. The world has changed, we're not going back to a normal. Whatever normal was for you, it won't look like what you are expecting.

If you doubt the demand for learning how to make money from the Internet, please put on your dunce cap and go sit in the corner, nothing here for you.

I KNOW for a fact, that between 65 to 85% of all NEWBIES to IM will begin with affiliate marketing, simply because they don't have anything to sell.

IM is all about having SOMETHING to sell, and someone who wants to buy it. The messy and oft expensive details are in finding that someone.

So, if you don't have anything to sell, you will often begin to sell other people's stuff (OPS) be it Amazon, or some other place, or one of the many places that offer affiliate marketing.

What you do in effect, is buy traffic for an offer. That is why you get paid, you did the work to find the someone who wants to buy.

Nothing wrong with starting with affiliate marketing, UNLESS five years goes by and you still haven't made any money. See, you will compete with millions of others, and even if you find a decent product, there will be experienced marketers who will shave the cream off the top, leaving you the curds and whey.

The APV can be done in addition to any other efforts you make, including affiliate marketing, or offering skills as a freelancer.

I've done APV sites for free. Basically, using OpenOffice to create, Dropbox to host, and sig files to promote. It can be done, albeit, don't expect much.

The best practices call for you to have a web site.

Anyone will do, but BLUEHOST (and similar) and HOSTGATOR have low cost (under 50 bux for the year) hosting. You could start with free, like with WIX, and then upgrade when needed to a cheap plan, under 20 bux a month.

I use these, but for over 20 years, I have kept my angelfire acct, for which I pay 2.95 per month, and it has sold thousands of dollars of product for me. Hard to beat that cost.

So, you start a web site with the intent of selling stuff to someone, say you start with WIX or WEEBLY or a low cost site.

Now you need a product to sell. So, you can go to Google and search for plr, and find sites like: NO recommendation here, just as an example, you'll find many other plr sites from your search, but for the sake of example this will do

Heck, they even have FREE plr there. Go to their PLR STORE, you'll find a basic primer on plr, along with a catalog of products. I see a WEBINAR plr for 27 dollars. So, my first product in my APV empire is going to be on WEBINARS. Now I have a product, then I need a promotion.

In the APV report we show a simple one page template we (an others) have used with great success. You can use it too to write your first promotion.

So, albeit it a bit backwards for my liking, you have a website and a product to sell, now you need customers. You can try for low hanging fruit via a signature file, like here (free) or at Warrior Forum (5 bucks) or other forums and sites.

I prefer to find BUYERS first, then create or acquire the product to offer to them, but just starting out, the experience of doing one is more important than the results. Once you have done one, then you can begin to diversify and branch out and then scale it up.

FREE plr. THAT'S great. You know where else you can get FREE information? From US Gov't. Yea most of these are free and copyright free too, which means you can take the info and use it to make your APV PRODUCT from.

Check it out. I downloaded a little 2 page HOTSHEET on tattoos. It could be used at an APV site, I think it maybe would be great for a buck, just to get buyers on a list, then offer them something on the back side or within the report. You will see we have offers in the APV report, we do as we say too.

Also, PUBLIC DOMAIN, as Dien has written about, and here Google and Bing and Yahoo searches are your best bets to find works in the Public Domain.

So, you could ACQUIRE product for free or very low cost with PLR, Gov't Pubs and Public domain.

How do you CREATE PRODUCT? One way, and we've had a recent discussion on it is, to INTERVIEW SOMEONE and make a report from that. You can offer an audio, video, or a transcript of the interview. Mike Senoff has dozens of such products done.

You can hire someone, a ghost (been there, done that) to write a report for you or to creat a hotsheet or a infographic, and there are plenty of low cost ghost creators at placess like fivver and other freelance sites.

You can write it yourself, and if you can't write, you can TALK into your computer and have a place like transcribe it for you and with a little editing you have created your very own information product.

All of this is covered in depth in the APV report. Now once you have a few reports or APV products, you can bundle them and ask for higher amounts of money for the bundle. This has been a tested and proven way to do business since day one of the Internet.

Do you have any questions, BEFORE we release the update APV report? Ask here or send email to me, [email protected]


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