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Old March 13, 2021, 04:56 PM
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Default What is your intent? Salesman? Copywriter? Speaker?


And don't take any offense, I don't know you. OK?

Although I READ Garn in the 60's, I have studied the FATAL FOUR and Pre-Occupations for 50+ years. I know a lot of guys with man caves, and bookshelves full of books on Copywriting, Selling, Marketing, etc., etc. and most can't persuade their way out of the proverbial wet bag.

So, I ask about INTENT, what is the purpose of the studies? What is the goal?

Last question first, NO, I don't think Remote Influence would give you anything you don't already have, so save your pennies on that one. FORBIDDEN KEYS is one of a few on my desktop. It is a beginning textbook, and coupled with the bibliography is a good starting point. My copy has notes on both sides, it is single paged, and it is a constant study guide.

I don't get much from Joe Vitale, although others might. Garn was old world salesman type. His contribution is mainly by identifying a few of the PREOCCUPATIONS we have. Very few people teach that as the foundation of persuasion, and I think, it is because very few have the depth to go into it.

I linked to the PictoGrigm of Persuasion (Remote version). If you have questions, ask here, I think it is self explanatory, if, one takes the time to write it out in their own handwriting.

Google or Bing Maslow, images, and see scores of pyramids. These also represent financial status too, one merely getting by is not going to shell out 10k or 25k to go on a Tony Robbins retreat, or pay 10k to sweat to death in a tee pee in the AZ desert either. Poor people are seldom self actualized folks.

Over the past 35 years of being online, and 21 here, I have revealed everything I know, it is, however, somewhat cryptic to some people.
There are other works, many of them, but without an idea of what the studies are to be used for, or what goal all of this information is about, I hesitate to make suggestions.

I have found Aristotle and Shakespeare to be two of the best teachers in my life of persuasion, but Billy S. is not everyone's cup of tea.

PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY by Crane was a good jump off point when I was 20, and all things Storytelling, including a comprehensive study of Joseph Campbell and HERO WITH A 1000 FACES.

From a useful, practical point, I always know what my intent is going into whatever. If you know what you want the other person to do, you can take a Socratic approach and asking questions. What is the target PREOCCUPIED WITH?

How can I interrupt him/her?

WHERE do I intersect?

Knowing the end result, is akin to Harvey Brody's VIEW FROM THE ROOFTOP, which we have talked about extensively here too. I also follow Glenn Osborn, thinking he may have some of the most practical applications of PreOccupations Interrupters.


Originally Posted by Manoj View Post
Thanks Gordon,

Three more questions I have:-

1) I have already read 'Influence' and 'Forbidden Key to Persuasion'. While reading the bibliography in 'Forbidden Key..', I came across mention of 'Hypnotic Writing' by Dr. Joe Vitale and then while reading 'Hypnotic Writing', I got the mention of Roy Garn's book. So, I have already covered the general basics of persuasion. Kindly tell me some advanced stuff which is interesting and informative.

2) Further, while I agree that Dien Rice offers Remote Influence and you don't sell it, the sales page is mentioning you as the creator of this ebook. I don't know anything about 'Square One Workshops'. My question to you is to tell me whether as a life long student of the persuasion and human behavior, should I read this 'Remote Influence' or first I should complete all the evergreen copywriting/Selling books (like that of Elmer Wheeler). In other words, if their anything about this book (Remote Influence) which you - as an author of the same - would like to reveal which is not covered in the Sales page?

3) Plus where can I learn the POP and Maslow Method?

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